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Wij worden op dit moment geconfronteerd met een enorme drukte.

Het aantal transportopdrachten dat ons wordt aangeboden is enorm en verdere uitbreiding van onze capaciteit is helaas niet mogelijk.

Daarom kunnen wij u op dit moment helaas niet van dienst zijn met transporten.

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What do you want to transport? A motorcycle? Cars? Your caravan? Maybe you are transporting rare vintage cars. With our specialist equipment we have a quick and safe solution for every transport request.

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Who do we work for

  • Emergency centres
  • Dealers and garages
  • Import and export companies
  • Bailiffs
  • Government
  • Private customers
  • Removal firms
  • Forwarders
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We'll take care of it

We organize more than 125,000 transports in Europe every year. We do this with our own fleet of 1 to 8 chargers or we call in our permanent partner network. From urgent order to confiscation, we take care of it! With the most modern techniques, we always have insight into the entire process, so that you are never faced with surprises.