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Emotion Logicx 0353

Our drivers are alert day and night. Because every towing operation must be carried out quickly, safely and without damage.

Stockbeeld Scania 2021 16

Any type of breakdown recovery

Our first-rate vehicle fleet is set up for all kinds of assignments. This enables us to take your vehicle off the road without any problem and deliver it to the right place.

  • light duty recovery, under 3500 kg
  • heavy duty recovery, over 3500 kg
  • service with respect to tow-away and wreck recovery regulations
  • seizures
Emotion Logicx 0197

How do we do that?

With our nationwide network and the specialists in our control centre we take the whole process off your hands.

  • our control centre is available day and night
  • we have a nationwide network
  • we get to the scene quickly
  • our people are certified and skilled
  • the fleet of recovery trucks is extensive, modern and clean
  • we always have a solution

Frequently asked questions

In most cases, your car will be delivered to the requested delivery address the next working day. If you would like to know exactly where it is, please contact your breakdown assistance provider or insurance company
Your insurance company or breakdown assistance provider has rented the replacement car from us until a particular date. You can find this date on the rental contract that you received when you picked up the car. If you believe that you are entitled to a different return date, please contact your breakdown assistance provider or insurance company.