Vervangend vervoer

Replacement vehicles

If your vehicle breaks down, something that often happens at a very unfortunate moment or spot, Logicx will transport the vehicle to, for example, your place of residence or a garage. And while the vehicle is at the garage, Logicx arranges a replacement vehicle. Whether you need a car (with or without a towing hook), a motorcycle, a caravan or a camper, Logicx ensures that the trip can be continued. Anytime and anywhere: a reassuring thought!


For more information about Replacement Vehicles, you can contact our Sales & Fleet Manager Wim Dolman by sending him an e-mail.

Your advantages

  • 24/7 dispatch
  • More than 90 dispatch points in the Netherlands
  • Fleet not more than 12 months old
  • Fleet of more than 1500 cars
  • Cars (transmission, automatic transmission, towing hook), motorcycles, caravans and campers