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Returning a car
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Returning a car

When you’re ready to return the replacement car, just bring it to one of our drop-off locations. You can find your closest Logicx drop-off location below by searching for a postcode or place. Please return the car clean and with a full tank. 

Logicx drop-off locations

How does the return procedure work?

When you return the replacement car, don’t forget that it has to be returned clean and with a full tank. At the drop-off location the mileage will be checked, and the car will be inspected for damage and cleanliness, whether it has a full tank and whether all the accessories are there. You will be asked to sign your approval and you will get a final copy of the rental contract.

Free kilometres

With a Logicx rental car you can drive 100 kilometres or more per day free of charge, subject to your conditions. The fuel costs are for your account. The car is supplied with a full tank and you have to return it to us with a full tank.

How do I open the filler cap?

Every brand and type of car has its own way of opening the filler cap open. These are the most common:

  • Push the filler cap down slightly; the filler cap will spring open.
  • On the floor to the left of the driver’s seat there is a small handle with a picture of a petrol pump. You lift the handle to open the filler cap.
  • On the left of the dashboard there is a button with a picture of a petrol pump. The filler cap will open when you press it.

If none of these work, you can always find the instructions in the instruction manual in the glove compartment.

What fuel does the car use?

In most cars you will find a sticker on the inside of the filler cap, showing the type of fuel the car uses. In addition, in every Logicx there is a folder containing the green card and a copy of the vehicle registration certificate. The type of fuel is shown on the vehicle registration certificate: B is petrol and D is diesel. If you cannot find the information you want, just contact Logicx: 055 - 369 4001.

Returning a camper van or caravan?

You can return your Logicx replacement camper van or caravan to the address below:

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Opening times Mon – Fri: 8.30 - 17.00

Logicx Wenum Wiesel (Apeldoorn)
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PO box4119, 7320 AC Apeldoorn
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