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My replacement vehicle

VAS 5 Hand klink auto

My replacement car

You have just been stranded with your vehicle on the Dutch or European (highway) road. You will now receive a replacement car from Logicx. The standard term of use of the Logicx vehicle is determined by your insurance, mobility guarantee, lease agreement or your roadside assistance membership.

Below we answer frequently asked questions and briefly explain what you can expect from us.

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In most cars you will find a sticker on the inside of the filler cap, showing the type of fuel the car uses. In addition, in every Logicx there is a folder containing the green card and a copy of the vehicle registration certificate. The type of fuel is shown on the vehicle registration certificate: B is petrol and D is diesel. If you cannot find the information you want, just contact Logicx: 055 - 369 4001.
Your insurance company or breakdown assistance provider has rented the replacement car from us until a particular date. You can find this date on the rental contract that you received when you picked up the car. If you believe that you are entitled to a different return date, please contact your breakdown assistance provider or insurance company.
We recommend that you contact the organization that has arranged the replacement car for you. They will cancel the reservation.
Within the Netherlands we offer you the option to further reduce the permanent deductible for a fixed amount per day. If a location employee takes care of the issue, you can indicate that you want to use this option. For customers with a business agreement (eg lease drivers) lowering the Deductible is not possible. Please note that this insurance only applies if the vehicle is used in accordance with the General Rental Conditions. The reduced deductible does not apply to theft and/or parts.
In most cases, your car will be delivered to the requested delivery address the next working day. If you would like to know exactly where it is, please contact your breakdown assistance provider or insurance company
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